About Me...

I am a web developer, if you need some explination on that please click here. I freelance, consult and generally love the web. My specialty is front-end programming, UI/UX, mobile and multimedia.

For more information please peruse my Resume. Download: PDF | Doc

For a better feel of my design experience, I have a powerpoint Design Portfolio as well.

Coding examples:

If you can't take my word that I'm a top-teir web developer, here's some examples of my work.

  1. CSS 2 cross-browser compliant example: InfiniLube.com (opens new window)
    This site is done completely in CSS. Sure there's a little javascript in there too, but the CSS is the important part. It's a very cool use of div positions that works so well the site looks the same on moble devices like iPhones as it does on a desktop browser!

  2. AJAX example: NFL Teams/Cities list
    Not that this has any practical use, but it is an example of how a database can be edited online without refreshing the page using AJAX/JavaScript. This is really just a watered down snipit from a project I did for an internal application.
    (download as .zip )

  3. jQuery example 1: Web form
    This form is a quick example of using jQuery to not only help in validating data on a form, but also recycle screen realestate for the sake of usability. Origionally used to limit confusion for optional form elements, this is an example of how UI/UX can aide in work efficency.
    (download as .zip)

  4. jQuery example 2: Growing Bar Charts
    Using the jQuery animate function these bar charts grow and display their values in 2 different ways

  5. jQuery example 3: Typewriter
    This jQuery recursive function call lets you simulate a typewriter typing on the page by displaying a single character at once.

  6. Classic ASP Data-driven application example: Calendar (opens new window)
    This online calendar features admin controls for quickly adding updating and deleting events. Event details are displayed in a pop-up window.

  7. This site was built in CSS 3! Go ahead and check out the source code! It's all containted in one file for easy reading. I have also included some jQuery scripts for poping up photos and my Resume. I even included some Google Fonts!.

    But IF you are looking at this in Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, the whole thing looks like crap. Try another browser. I recomend Google Chrome.
Andrew Zoric
5821 Garden Hill Dr.
Dublin, OH 43017


To advance my career as a User Interface Specialist both professionally and personally by expanding my experience, education, skill set and conquering new challenges.


Bachelor's degree Heidelberg College Tiffin, Ohio Bachelor of Science – Computer Science and Business Administration; Graduated 1999.

Work Experience & Major Accomplishments
Multimedia developer (contractor)
12/2011-2/2012 Blue Diesel, Inc. Westerville, Ohio

Primarily helped in the development of interaction and animation of content made for iPad apps. This content was developed in HTML4/5 and CSS 3. Animations and interactions were built using jQuery.

Sr. Analyst (web design/development)
3/2008-12/2011 Cardinal Health Dublin, Ohio

Built an online receiving tool for the national network of pharmaceutical distribution centers. This standardized the process of scheduling product deliveries. Created a mechanism for quantifying the quality of delivered product. Provided reporting for management. Saved the time of dock workers and schedulers.

This application featured an easy-to-use interface. The layout was kept consistent, logical and simple, while still appealing to the eye.

Later versions of this application connected with other enterprise systems to provide live information on delivery status, content and other information.

Built an online communication system for off-cycle ordering. This application provided users for a way to communicate between the corporate office and the main distribution center about any non-standard orders. The application was fast, user-friendly and provided real-time communication, while reducing labor costs of performing the same tasks manually

Built and maintained a supplier scorecard. This was a key report, bringing together data from many different sources regarding supplier performance. The scorecard was built with a logical layout, and was easy to read. Virtually any supplier could look at the scorecard and know what it meant with little explanation.

Various other web-based online reporting. These featured a basic list, expandable for more information such as alternative items using jQuery.

Web application developer
5/2006 – 11/2007 Xcelerate Media, Inc. Dublin, Ohio

Redesigned the Xcelerate Media Learning management system (LMS). Upon my arrival the LMS had very limited capability. After my first major revision the system received the following enhancements:

  • Capability to host and score infinite e-learning courses increased from one
  • Cut the number of lines of code by 40%
  • Cut the time to set up a new client from one day to less than two hours
  • A new more intuitive and dynamic user interface.
  • A third revision was completed with a teammate. This update included even more enhancements:

  • Online message board
  • Faster performance
  • More robust scoring capabilities
  • Designed and developed a client website from user requirements. This Data-driven AJAX site allowed for the sales staff to set up a sales call with a potential customer. They would then display examples of Xcelerate Media products online. The examples were chosen from a list for the specific audience of the potential client.

    Aided in the development of Flash-based e-learning courses. These online courses were much like very high-end PowerPoint slides with animation and narration. Each course involved editing Action Script, Recording and editing audio files and sometimes video integration.

    Built the corporate website for Hull & Associates (www.hullinc.com). Built from client requirements and a home-page design by another artist, this corporate website was developed with HTML, CSS AJAX and VBScript.

    User Interface Developer
    1/2001 – 5/2006 Cardinal Health Dublin, Ohio

    Served at webmaster for the public website. This included the development of new web content and maintaining existing pages. One problem that existed was posting news to the website in a timely fashion. This process could take up to forty-five minutes. I developed a system that used our intranet to produce the content, and write it to the public web-server taking the time to publish down to five minutes, thus building a small CMS.

    Set a goal of increasing searchability of the website. This included researching, adopting and putting into action early SEO best practices

    Worked with the team to provide a consistent and user-friendly interaction experience for the enterprise intranet. This included managing graphics, front-end interaction (JavaScript/AJAX) and collaborating with information architects and coming up with solutions for displaying large amounts of data in limited browser space. This was done in a Java/STRUTS environment. To accomplish this I would generally meet with the stakeholders on the project, gather requirements and provide multiple options in the form of mockups for them to choose the best option.

    Prior to the rebranding of Cardinal Health, several subsidiary companies went to market under their own name. It was my responsibility to take all of their localized content and create one Cardinal Health branded website.

    During and after the rebranding of Cardinal Health, I was constantly pushing for a return to best-practices on the web to better service the audience viewing our sites.

    Developed and maintained an intranet for the PTS Business segment. This intranet included an interactive phone directory, later copied by the corporate intranet. Document sharing, updated news and events and a content management system.

    Developed intranet applications for departments such as HR. These data-driven applications provided users with the ability to collaborate on hiring executive level employees.

    Web developer
    2/2000 – 12/2000 LogiKeep Inc. (TruSecure) Dublin, Ohio

    Developed and maintained the corporate intranet. This is where I learned the meaning of the “killer app”. While this dotcom was growing rapidly, it was the photo gallery of all employees that gained the most interest. People wanted to see who the new employees were. Upon revisions of the intranet new applications were built to aid in job performance.

    Aided in the development and maintained the corporate website. In one year the website went through three iterations. Through this process I worked with both independent designers and large marketing firms such as Resource Interactive to collaborate on how the site should work.

    Aided in the development of a low-end customer product. While the enterprise edition of LogiKeep’s product was an Outlook-style desktop application, I was very involved in a web-based offering of the same solution.

    Freelance web development
    2002 – Present Self-employed Dublin, Ohio
    At various times during the past several years I have worked independently for clients on a per Need basis:

    This stylish website features an online catalog of industrial grade lubricants for consumer use.
    By design you are required to request a login for this site. Once inside you are greeted with a very slick jQuery-driven side-scrolling offering for a patent-pending skateboard. The content includes animated flash video demonstration and server-side contact form.

    This artist endeavor features a custom built product catalog, and secure PayPal integration
    The LHT Group
    I have been hired for several projects for this company. The largest of which was a web-based Benchmark Planning System for a major retail chain. This system allows for promotion/demotion of employees of the individual stores.

    Brad Moore.net (retired): please see www.andyzoric.com/moore
    Brad was a local musician. This site featured audio clips of some of his original and cover songs and an interactive custom database driven calendar of events

    Victorys.com (retired) This website promoted the downtown nightspot Victory’s (Now Classics Victory’s). The site included two different calendars for the different stages, photo archives for events at the site, and food/drink menus.